About Me

Painting, drawing, airbrushing, clay sculpturing, and 3D model making – I’ve had a go at it all and still love every minute of it.

Over the years my work has been featured with big brand names in retail warehouses, in national magazines, various industry user/consumer publications, international exhibitions, studio sets, as private commissions on a wall or two – and as every creative knows, an interesting selection of unfinished items gathering dust in the corner, that will be finished one day – honest.

Though I still work in the industry, it’s now creatively less hands-on however, I still have to entertain those demons and craft stuff in my own time – it’s a kind of therapy.

I believe in trying different media and techniques – experimenting whenever possible, and inspiration comes from all directions, ideas often springing to mind whether the next painting or a 3D piece – anything, and I'll have a go.

Contact Me

If you like my work and want me to create something for you, contact me initially via email:


I look forward to hearing from you and talking about arty stuff.

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