Information on fellow creatives and resources I feel deserve a mention. Clicking the images will take you to the respective website:

Wendy Dobing - Graphic Designer & Photographer

Wendy and I are ex-colleagues from way back and there aren’t many creatives who consistently produce work that interests me. I’m a big fan of her photography but as you’ll see when you venture over to her website – there’s so much more to her than that. Worth a damn good browse.

Gary Campesi - Artist

I love this guy’s art – the style and the subjects just hit the spot. I’ve linked to is to his website, which he no longer updates but there’s a great gallery to view. If you want to keep up to date with his latest creations then you can follow him on Facebook.

Simon Bolz - Photographer

Simon is a well-published photographer based in Frankfurt, Germany. He kindly allowed me to use one of his pieces as a base for my pencil study 'Victoria'. Click the image to visit his website but please note that much of his work is intended for an adult audience only.

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